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For Seniors: Master iPhone 4S Game-Playing Basics

It’s almost time to start playing games, but first you need an idea of iPhone’s gaming strengths. For many reasons, iPhone 4S may be the ultimate gaming device because of the following strengths:

  • Fantastic-looking screen: First, the iPhone screen offers bright colors for great gaming. It’s no lie: See the Angry Birds game, for example. In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology lets you hold your iPhone at almost any angle (it has a 178-degree viewing angle) and still see good color and contrast.


  • Faster processor: The super-fast A5 processor chip in your iPhone 4S is ideal for gaming.

  • Long battery life: A device’s long battery life means that you can tap energy from it for many hours of gaming fun.

  • Specialized game-playing features: Some newer games have features that take full advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities. For example, Nova (from Gameloft) features Multiple Target Acquisition, which lets you target multiple bad guys in a single move to blow them out of the water with one shot.

    In Real Racing Game (Firemint), for example, you can look in your rearview mirror as you’re racing to see what’s coming up behind you, a feature made possible by the iPhone’s larger screen.

  • Great sound: The built-in iPhone speaker is a powerful little item, but if you want an experience that’s even more up close and personal, you can plug in a headphone, some speaker systems, or microphone using the built-in jack.

The iPhone has a built-in motion sensor — the three-axis accelerometer — as well as a gyroscope. These features provide lots of fun for people developing apps for the iPhone, as they use the automatically rotating screen to become part of the gaming experience.

For example, a built-in compass device reorients itself automatically as you switch your iPhone from landscape to portrait orientation. In some racing games, you can grab the iPhone as though it were a steering wheel and rotate the device to simulate the driving experience.