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For Seniors: Keep the iPhone 4S Screen Clean

If you’ve been playing with your iPhone 4S, you know (despite Apple’s claim that the iPhone has a fingerprint-resistant screen) that it’s a fingerprint magnet. Here are some tips for cleaning your iPhone screen:

  • Use a dry, soft cloth. You can get most fingerprints off with a dry, soft cloth such as the one you use to clean your eyeglasses or a cleaning tissue that’s lint- and chemical-free. Or try products used to clean lenses in labs such as Kimwipes or Kaydry, which you can get from several major retailers such as Amazon.

  • Use a slightly dampened soft cloth. To get the surface even cleaner, slightly dampen the soft cloth. Again, make sure that whatever cloth material you use is free of lint.

  • Remove the cables. Turn off your iPhone and unplug any cables from it before cleaning the screen with a moistened cloth.

  • Avoid too much moisture. Avoid getting too much moisture around the edges of the screen, where it can seep into the unit.

  • Never use household cleaners. They can degrade the coating that keeps the iPhone screen from absorbing oil from your fingers.

Do not use premoistened lens-cleaning tissues to clean your iPhone screen. Most brands of wipe contain alcohol, which can damage the screen’s coating.