How to Use iPhone 4S Videos App - dummies

How to Use iPhone 4S Videos App

You can play movies, podcasts, or TV shows with the Videos app on your iPhone 4S. Using the Videos app, you can watch downloaded movies or TV shows or media you’ve synced from iCloud or your Mac or PC.

  1. Tap the Videos app icon on the Home screen to open the application.

  2. On a screen like the one shown here, tap the program you want to watch.


    Information about the program appears.


  3. Tap the item again, and it loads; tap the Play button, and the movie, TV show, or podcast begins playing.

    Note that the progress of the playback is displayed on the Progress bar, showing how many minutes you’ve viewed and how many remain. If you don’t see the bar, tap the screen once to display it briefly, along with a set of playback tools at the bottom of the screen.


  4. With the playback tools displayed, take any of these actions:

    • Tap the Pause button to pause playback.

    • Tap either Go to Previous Chapter or Go to Next Chapter to move to a different location in the video playback.

    • Tap the circular button on the Volume slider and drag the button left or right to decrease or increase the volume, respectively.

  5. To stop the video and return to the information screen, tap the Done button to the left of the Progress bar.

Note that if you’ve watched a video and stopped it partway, it opens by default to the last spot you were viewing. To start a video from the beginning, tap and drag the circular button on the Progress bar all the way to the left.

If your controls disappear during playback, just tap near the top or bottom of the screen, and they’ll reappear.