How to Use iMessage on Your iPhone 4S - dummies

How to Use iMessage on Your iPhone 4S

You can use iMessage on your iPhone 4S to address, create, and send messages. You also need to know how to clear the conversation afterwards to reduce clutter. To use iMessage on your iPhone 4S, you first have to set up an account.

Address, create, and send messages with iMessage

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Messages icon. Tap the New Message button in the top-right corner to begin a conversation.


  2. In the form that appears, you can address a message in a couple of ways:

    • Begin to type an address in the To: field, and a list of matching contacts appears.

    • Tap the plus icon on the right side of the address field, and the All Contacts list is displayed


  3. Tap a contact on the list you chose to display in the preceding step.

    If the contact has both an e-mail address and phone number stored, the Info dialog appears, allowing you to tap one or the other, which addresses the message.

  4. To create a message, simply tap in the message field near the bottom of the screen and type your message.

  5. To send the message, tap the Send button. When your recipient(s) responds, you’ll see the conversation displayed on the screen.


You can address a message to more than one person by simply choosing more recipients in Step 2 of the preceding list.

If you want to include a photo or video with your message, tap the Camera icon to the left of the message field. Tap Take Photo or Video or Choose Existing (depending on whether you want to create a new photo/video or send one you’ve already taken), and then tap Use. When you send your message, the photo or video will go along with your text.

Clear a conversation with iMessage

When you’re done chatting, you might want to clear a conversation to remove the clutter before you start a new one.

  1. With Messages open and a conversation displayed, tap the Edit button.

  2. Tap the Clear All button.


  3. Tap Clear Conversation.

You can also tap the Messages button to display all messages, tap the Edit button, and then tap the red Delete button next to any conversation you want to delete. Tap Done when you’re finished.

You can tap the Edit button for a conversation and then select all or part of the conversation to print, forward, or e-mail to somebody else.