How to Input, Import and Export Data with the iPhone 6 Health App - dummies

How to Input, Import and Export Data with the iPhone 6 Health App

Your health is very important to you and your loved ones. The iPhone 6 makes taking care of yourself that much easier with the help of the all new Health app.

How to input data

Because most entry of data in the Health app at this time is manual, knowing how to enter data is important.

  1. Tap the Health Data tab.

  2. Tap a category such as Fitness.

  3. Tap one of the subtopics, such as Weight.


  4. On the screen, tap Add Data Point.


  5. Enter data using the onscreen keypad.

  6. Tap Add.

  7. Tap Show All Data to see a table of entries, including your most recent entry.

If you go into the Fitness Category in Health, you see an item named Steps. According to reports, a Steps counter is to be built into Health that can replace any third-party pedometer app.

Import and export data

Because developers are just beginning to create or modify apps to work with Health, it’s hard to show you examples of importing or exporting data. Additionally, different apps may send or receive data from Health using different interfaces and commands. But, theoretically, here’s how it should work.

When you use an app that supports Health, those apps will request permission to update data. For example, a pedometer or activity tracker app might be able to upload data to Health, saving you the drudgery of manual entry. You can tap the Sources tab in Health to view supporting apps that you’ve downloaded and installed to your iPhone.

In addition, you’ll eventually be able to export data using apps such as Patient from the Mayo Clinic so that you can keep your physician informed about your progress or challenges.