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For Seniors: Helpful Tips for Using Siri on Your iPhone 4S

You’re going to have a wonderful time learning the ins and outs of Siri on your iPhone 4S, but here are some tips to get you going:

  • Activating Raise to Speak: Go to Settings, General, and under the Siri setting use the Raise to Speak setting to activate Siri when you put your phone to your ear rather than pressing and holding the Home button.

  • If Siri doesn’t understand you: When you speak a command and Siri displays what it thought you said, if it misses the mark, you have a few options. To correct a request you’ve made, you can tap the bubble containing the command Siri heard and edit it by typing or tapping the microphone key on the onscreen keyboard and dictating the correct information.

    If a word is underlined in blue, it’s a possible error. Tap the word and then tap an alternative that Siri suggests. You can also simply speak to Siri and say something like, “I meant Sri Lanka.” or “No, send it to Sally.” If even corrections aren’t working you may need to restart your phone to reset the software.

  • Headsets and earphones: If you’re using iPhone earphones or a Bluetooth headset to activate Siri, instead of pressing the Home button press and hold the center button (the little button on the headset that starts and stops a call).

  • Using Find My Friends: There is a free app you can download from the App Store called Find My Friends that allows you to ask Siri to locate your friends geographically.

  • Getting help: To get help with Siri features, just press and hold the Home button and ask Siri, “What can you do?”