For Seniors: Go to Your Current Location with iPhone 4S Maps App - dummies

For Seniors: Go to Your Current Location with iPhone 4S Maps App

With the Maps app, iPhone 4S can figure out where you are at any time and display your current location. You also can find directions with suggested alternate routes from one location to another.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Maps icon. Tap the Current Location button (the small, blue arrow to the left of the Search button).


  2. A map is displayed with a blue pin indicating your current location and a blue circle around it.

    Depending on your connection, Wi-Fi or 3G, the circle indicates the area surrounding your location based on cell tower triangulation — your exact location can be anywhere within the area of the circle, and it’s likely to be less accurate using a Wi-Fi connection than with your phone’s 3G connection.

  3. Double-tap the screen to zoom in on your location.

    If you access maps via a Wi-Fi connection, your current location is a rough estimate based on a triangulation method. By using your 3G data connection, you access the global positioning system (GPS), which can more accurately pinpoint where you are. Still, if you type a starting location and an ending location to get directions, you can get pretty accurate results even with a Wi-Fi–connected iPhone.