For Seniors: Go to School at iTunes U from Your iPhone 4S - dummies

For Seniors: Go to School at iTunes U from Your iPhone 4S

One very cool feature of iTunes that you can access from your iPhone 4S is iTunes U, a compilation of free and often excellent online courses from universities and other providers.

  1. Tap More and then tap the iTunes U button in the list of other items to display selections.

  2. Tap one of the three tabs shown here: What’s Hot, Top Tens, or Categories.


  3. On the list that appears, tap an item to select the source for a course. That provider’s page appears.

  4. Tap either the Next or Previous button to scroll through offerings. When you find a topic of interest, tap a selection, and it opens, displaying a list of segments of the course.


  5. Tap the Free button next to a course, and then tap the green Download/Get Episode button that appears. (If the course includes only one session, this button says Download, but if there’s more than one session, it says Get Episode.) The course begins downloading.

After you’re on a provider’s page, to return to iTunes U, just tap the button labeled iTunes U (located in the top-left corner of the screen), and you return to the page with the three provider tabs.

You can make selections of courses by tapping the Categories button and choosing a category of courses to browse, such as Fine Art or Business.