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For Seniors: Find Books for Your iPhone 4S with iBooks

The iPhone 4S is a bit different from traditional e-readers: It isn’t only for reading books, and you have to download the iBooks app to enable it as an e-reader (though the apps are free). Also, the iPhone 4S doesn’t offer the paperlike reading experience — you read from a phone screen (though you can adjust the brightness and background color of the screen).

When you buy a book online (or get one of many free publications), it downloads to your iPhone in a few seconds using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The iPhone offers several navigation tools to move around a book.

Download the iBooks application if you haven’t already, and you’re ready to find some books to read on your iPhone 4S.

  1. To shop using iBooks, tap the iBooks application icon to open it.

    (It’s probably on your second Home screen, so you may have to swipe your finger to the left on the Home screen to locate it.)

  2. In the iBooks library that opens, you see a bookshelf; yours probably has only one free book already downloaded to it.

    (If you don’t see the bookshelf, tap the Library button to go there.) Tap the Store button, and the shelf pivots 180 degrees.


  3. In the iBookstore featured titles are shown by default. You can do any of the following to find a book:

    • Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen and type a search word or phrase in the search field that appears, using the onscreen keyboard.

    • Tap the Categories button at the top of the screen to see a list of types of books. Tap a category to view those selections.

    • Press your finger on the screen and flick up to scroll to more suggested titles on a page.

    • Tap the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen to view particular categories: featured titles, Charts to see books listed on top charts, browse-worthy lists of authors or categories or only paid or free items, or titles you’ve already purchased.

      If you go to an item by tapping a button at the bottom of the screen and you want to return to the original screen, just tap Featured again.

    • Tap a suggested selection or featured book to read more information about it.


    Download free samples before you buy. You get to read several pages of the book to see whether it appeals to you, and it doesn’t cost you a dime! Look for the Get Sample button when you view details about a book.