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How to Find My iPhone

You can take advantage of the Find My iPhone feature to pinpoint the location of your iPhone. This feature is extremely handy if you forget where you left your iPhone or someone steals it. Find My iPhone not only lets you track down the critter but also lets you wipe out the data contained in it if you have no way to get the iPhone back.

Follow these steps to set up the Find My iPhone feature:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  2. In the Settings pane, tap iCloud.

  3. In the iCloud settings, tap the On/Off button for Find My iPhone to turn the feature on.


  4. From now on, if your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can go to iCloud from your computer and enter your ID and password.

  5. The Find My iPhone screen appears with your iPhone’s location noted on a map.

  6. To wipe information from the iPhone, click the Remote Wipe button. To lock the iPhone from access by others, click the Remote Lock button.

Remote Wipe will delete all data from your iPhone, including contact information and content such as music.

You can also click Display a Message or Play a Sound to send whoever has your iPhone a note saying how to return it to you — or that the police are on their way, if it has been stolen! If you choose to play a sound, it plays for two minutes, helping you track down your phone if you left it on top of the refrigerator or anybody holding your iPhone who is within earshot.