For Seniors: Create and Send New Messages from Your iPhone 4S - dummies

For Seniors: Create and Send New Messages from Your iPhone 4S

You can accomplish all typical e-mail functions including creating and sending new messages from your iPhone 4S by using the Mail app that comes installed in your iPhone.

  1. With Mail open, tap the New Message button. A blank message form appears.


  2. Enter a recipient’s address in the To field. If you have saved addresses in Contacts, tap the plus sign (+) in the Address field to choose an addressee from the Contacts list.

  3. If you want to send a copy of the message to other people, enter their addresses in the Cc/Bcc field.

    If you want to send both carbon copies and blind carbon copies (copies you don’t want other recipients to be aware of), note that when you tap the Cc/Bcc field, two fields are displayed; use the Bcc field to specify recipients for blind carbon copies.

  4. Enter the subject of the message in the Subject field.

  5. Tap in the message body and type your message.

  6. Tap Send.

Mail keeps a copy of all deleted messages for a time in the Trash folder. To view deleted messages, tap the Inbox button and then, in the dialog that appears, tap the Mailboxes button to show all mailboxes.

If you have more than one mail account (therefore more than one mailbox), tap the account name in the Accounts list, and a list of folders opens. Tap the Trash folder, and all deleted messages are displayed.