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For Seniors: Ask Siri on Your iPhone 4S for Facts

Siri on your iPhone 4S uses Wolfram Alpha, a self-professed online computational knowledge engine, to search for facts to answer your questions. That means it’s more than a search engine because it provides specific information about a search term rather than multiple search results. If you want facts without having to spend time browsing websites to find those facts, Wolfram Alpha is a very good resource.

Siri uses Wolfram Alpha to look up facts in response to questions, such as “What is the capital of Kansas?”, “What is the square root of 2003?”, or “How large is Mars?” Just press and hold the Home button and ask your question; Siri consults Wolfram Alpha and returns a set of relevant facts.

You can also get information about the weather, stocks, or the time. Just say a phrase like one of these to get what you need:

  • “What is the weather?”

    This shows the weather report for your current location. If you want weather in another location, just specify the location in your question.

  • “What is the price of Apple stock?”

    Siri tells you the current price of the stock or the price of the stock when the stock market last closed.

  • “What time is it?”

    Siri tells you the time and displays a clock.