For Senior: Use iPhone 4S to Buy from the iTunes Store - dummies

For Senior: Use iPhone 4S to Buy from the iTunes Store

You can search the iTunes Store from your iPhone 4S and even preview selections before you buy music, video, or audiobooks. You just have to find what you want and make a selection to purchase.

  1. When you find an item you want to buy, tap the button that shows either the price (if it’s a selection available for purchase) or the button with the word Free on it (if it’s a selection available for free).


    The button label changes to Buy X, where X is the type of content, such as a song or album, you’re buying.

  2. Tap the Buy X button. The iTunes Password dialog appears.

  3. Enter your password and tap OK. The item begins downloading, and the cost is automatically charged against your account.

    When the download finishes, you can view the content using the Music or Video app, depending on the type of content.

If you want to buy music, you can open the description page for an album and buy individual songs rather than the entire album. Tap the price for a song, and then proceed to purchase it.

Note the Redeem button on many iTunes screens. Tap this button to redeem any iTunes gift certificates you might get from your generous friends, or from yourself.

If you don’t want to allow purchases from within apps (for example Music or Videos) but rather want to allow purchases only through the iTunes store, you can go to Settings, General, tap Restrictions, and then tap Enable Restrictions, and enter a passcode. Once you’ve set a passcode, you can tap individual apps to turn on restrictions for them.

You can allow content to be downloaded over your 3G cellular network if you’re not near a Wi-Fi hotspot. Be aware, however, that this could incur hefty data charges with your provider if you run over your allotted data. However, if you aren’t near a Wi-Fi hotspot, this might be your only option. Go to Settings, Store, and tap the On/Off button for the Cellular setting.