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E-mail Tasks Siri Can Perform for You

If you are a fan of Siri on your iPhone 4S, you already know that sending an e-mail is as simple as dictating what you want to say and telling Siri who to send it to. But wait; there’s more! Siri can e-mail people who aren’t in your contact list, find e-mails in your inbox, and even forward e-mails for you.

E-mailing someone who isn’t in your Contacts

Using Siri to send an e-mail to a person you you don’t have in your Contacts is as simple as speaking the address aloud:

  1. Press and hold the Home button and tell Siri to send an e-mail to someone by saying their complete e-mail address.

    For example, to send an e-mail to richard.anderson@bigtimeisp.com (just making this one up), simply say, “E-mail Richard dot Anderson at bigtimeisp dot com.”

    You’ll see the e-mail address appear in the To field.


  2. Add a subject and dictate your e-mail.

    Siri transcribes your words, and then asks if you’re ready to send the e-mail.

  3. (Optional) If you need to tweak a couple of things, tap anywhere on the screen and make your changes before sending.

  4. Say, “Yes,” to send the message.

    You’ll hear the iPhone confirmation sound to confirm the message was sent.

    Siri won’t add this person to your Contacts.

Finding e-mails in your inbox

Guess what? Siri isn’t only good for transcribing your voice into e-mail messages. Siri can also help you find e-mails.

  • Most recent messages: For example, say you have a few hundred messages in your inbox but you want to find the most recent ones? You can simply tell Siri, “Check e-mail,” and you’ll immediately see the last 25 e-mail messages that arrived in your inbox.

  • From a specific person: You can ask, “Any new e-mail from Matt today?,” and Siri will show you any e-mails received today from anyone named Matt. Or you can say, “Show the e-mail from Lisa yesterday.”


  • Based on the subject line: You can tell Siri, “Show new e-mail about the doctor’s appointment,” or “Show e-mail about the rent,” and Siri will pull up any relevant messages for you.

Replying to and forwarding messages

Siri won’t just send an e-mail for you. It’s also possible to reply to or forward an e-mail you’ve already received. For example, while you’re reading an e-mail you can hold down the Home button and tell Siri, “Reply Dear Julie, sorry I had to cancel plans for Saturday’s lunch. I’ll call you later to chat about another date.”

To forward a message, press and hold the Home button while inside of the e-mail and say something like, “Forward e-mail to Kellie.” Siri will ask you if you want to add a message as well (“What do you want the e-mail to say?”).