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10 iPhone Apps Worth Paying For

Lots of great free apps are available for your iPhone. But as the cliché goes, some things are worth paying for. In some cases, the apps are free up front, but you have to part with some loot to fully take advantage of them. Still, none of these are likely to break the bank.

Akinator the Genie

Did you play Twenty Questions as a kid? Akinator the Genie ($1.99) from Elokence is a loose variation of that old favorite.

Basically, you think about a character, real or fictional, and the Akinator asks you a bunch of questions to try and figure out who is on your mind.


You respond by tapping Yes, Don’t Know, No, Probably, or Probably Not. Several questions in, the Akinator takes a stab at whom he thinks is on your mind.



Not only can you find many of the latest comics and graphic novels in the Comics App web-based comic store on the same day as print versions hit the stores, but the selections also include older classics.

One of the coolest features is called Guided View (motion comics), which looks great on an iPhone screen. Take a look at a full page as it would appear in the printed version of the comic.


When you tap in the right one-third of the screen, to indicate you’re ready to read the next panel, the first panel slides off the left edge of the screen as the next panel slides onto the screen from the right.



OldBooth (free or $0.99 per PhotoPack) lets you take any full-face photo and apply wonderfully goofy transformations to it.

Using OldBooth is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select a gender and then select one of the 20 mask styles available for each gender.

  2. Select a picture.

    You can either take a new photo with your iPhone’s camera or select a picture from your iPhone’s Photo library.

  3. Resize the picture by pinching or unpinching, rotate the picture by pressing and dragging, and adjust the brightness of the picture, the mask, or both.

    When you’re happy with the image, save it to your iPhone’s Pictures.


Once you’ve tried it for free, you’ll likely be glad to shell out $0.99 each for the 1920s, 1980s, and 1950s PhotoPacks.

Action Movie FX

With Action Movie FX, it’s a breeze to add big-budget Hollywood-style special effects to video you shoot with your iPhone.

Just launch the app, select the scene you want to use, tap Start, and shoot a minimum of five seconds of video. It’s better if the footage is of someone or something that will remain still.


When you’ve finished filming, you can adjust the timing as well as resize and reposition the special effects. When you’re satisfied with your creation, your masterpiece appears after a bit of processing.

Finally, you just can’t beat the price — your first eight effects are free. But we’re betting that you’ll like it enough to pop for one or more 99¢ FX packs.


WordsWorth Pro

WordsWorth Pro ($1.99) is a great word game. You form words by tapping letters on the screen. To make things interesting, the app includes certain special tiles, such as blue wild cards, green bonuses, and red timers.


A gold tile helps you grow your score. The timer tiles are the most insidious; if their time runs out before you’ve used the letter, the game is over.


Although WordsWorth is simple, it’s also engaging and addictive. And you can even compete against other players over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or challenge your friends on Facebook.


At $24.99, iTeleport isn’t cheap and is more than a little geeky.

iTeleport is technically a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client.


You can use iTeleport to check mail accounts other than the ones on our iPhones, to grab files from hard drives, and to make sure backups are running when scheduled.

Another cool use for the app is as a spy cam. This feature requires that you have a computer with a built-in camera.

Several free or less expensive VNC apps are available in the iTunes Store, but iTeleport is the only that is robust and reliable enough to recommend.

Baseball Statistics

Consider Baseball Statistics a dream app for a passionate baseball fan. The app has easily accessible yearly stats for every Major League player and team since 1871.

If a player has a Wikipedia entry, you can tap a button to see it.


If you’re a fanatic, you’ll gladly spring for the $2.99 tab, required for the latest season’s statistics.


Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a great weather app with an uncanny capability to inform users not only whether it will rain or snow at our current location but also when it rain or snow, down to the minute, and within one hour of the time that you begged the question.


You get some basic weather info too, including a detailed 24-hour forecast, a 7-day forecast, and details on wind, humidity, and pressure. Through some cool simulations, you can map the path of upcoming precipitation or even go back in time a few days.


Backed by military grade security, Wallet ($9.99) lets you store web passwords, serial numbers, credit card information, bank accounts, and more, as well as sync and access the information on all your iOS devices and Macintosh computers.

You sign into Wallet with a single password. When a website seeks your security credentials, you can use the data stored in Wallet.


Wallet can reset your password should you ever forget it. But doing so means that your entire Wallet database will be deleted.


Piksoft’s app TurboScan ($2.99) lets you scan and spit out high-quality PDFs. TurboScan is fast — processing a page in less than four seconds — and can detect paper edges to help improve accuracy. And by tapping the SureScan 3x button, you can take three pictures of the same document, and the app processes them into a single superior image.