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10 Great Free iPhone Apps

Killer app is familiar jargon to anyone who has spent any time around computers or the iPhone. The term refers to an app so sweet or so useful that just about everybody wants or must have it.


Ever heard a song on the radio or television, in a store, or at a club, and wondered what it was called or who was singing it? Just launch Shazam and point your iPhone’s microphone at the source of the music. In a few seconds, the song title and artist’s name magically appear on your iPhone screen.


After Shazam tags a song you can

  • Buy the song at the iTunes Store

  • Watch related videos on YouTube

  • Tweet the song on Twitter

  • Read a biography, a discography, or lyrics

  • Take a photo and attach it to the tagged item in Shazam

  • Email a tag to a friend

As part of iOS 8, Shazam now hangs with Siri. Just launch Siri to identify a song.


The SoundCloud app is your gateway to the largest community of sound creators in the world.


SoundCloud remains a major repository not only for music but also the spoken word, even if you have to go through a few additional hoops these days to record and post your own creations. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and email to share your stuff and the stuff you listen to. You can “like” a recording too.

Since the redesign, you’ll have to first grab a third-party app to record and upload your own material to SoundCloud.


TripCase is a free iPhone ap that organizes details of separate trips in one place, with reminders and flight alerts delivered directly to your iPhone.

You merely forward your confirmation emails to trips@tripcase.com. TripCase parses the details, creates the itinerary, and sends an email to confirm that the trip is ready to view in TripCase.


TripCase includes an action view with flight alerts, reminders, and other messages.


TripCase can even help you locate an alternate flight based on your original reservation should your flight be cancelled or delayed.


The Evernote iPhone app allows you to store little bits of digital information and synchronizes all the data among all our devices and the cloud.

Notes can be any length, and can include text, pictures, and PDFs, and you can create notes by typing, dictating, or photographing. You can also add unlimited tags to a note, and create up to 256 separate notebooks.

Evernote lets you search the text inside every note to help you find the note you need quickly.


Two other nice touches are worth noting:

  • Notes are automatically tagged with your current location, so you can filter by Places.

  • You can attach reminders to notes and receive notification on the date and time you chose.

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard is a free app that lets you create gorgeous high-resolution postcards and send them by email or by the U.S. Postal Service. Email is always free. And though sending by USPS costs between $1.50 and $2.00 per card, depending on how many print-and-mail credits you purchase, the 8 1/2 -x-5 1/2 -inch postcards are stunning.


You can also add any of 400 decorative stickers and 200 decorative stamps. You can even add voice notes if you email the card!



IMDb knows everything there is to know about almost every movie ever made and many TV shows as well. Just type a movie or TV show name, tap the Search button, and everything about that selection appears.


IMDb also includes all movies playing in theaters nearby, showtimes for movies playing nearby, shows on TV tonight, lists such as STARmeter, star birthdays, DVD and Blu-ray discs released recently or to be released soon, and U.S. box office results.



Spotify is like the world’s largest free jukebox. Just search or browse until you find a song, an album, or an artist you want to hear, and then play it for free.

You can also create unlimited radio stations. You start by selecting a track, an album, or a playlist. Spotify then plays songs you should enjoy based on the tracks you specified.

You can create as many playlists as you like, and playlists can contain a virtually unlimited number of tracks.


Spotify offers a plethora of ways to find new music. You can check out recommendations based on what you’ve listened to in the Discover section, listen to premade or self-made radio stations, see what your friends are listening to, or do old-school browsing.


iTunes U

You can virtually sit in on a seminar at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, or thousands of other prestigious institutions — without applying for admission. The iTunes U app features more than 800,000 free lectures and other educational resources from around the world, many of them videos.


You can browse on your own by category or by institution. It’s not all Higher Ed either — you can browse K-12 schools and other institutions, including museums.



Waze relies on the social community to report accidents, speed traps, hidden cameras, and other bottlenecks.


You can request notifications when severe traffic conditions might intrude upon your plans. You can tie Waze to Facebook to navigate to Facebook events and see which of your friends might be heading the same way. And you can see each other’s ETA. However, you can also remain invisible.


As the old saying goes, you have nothing if you don’t have your health. Carrying the free WebMD app on your iPhone provides a rich repository of health and medical information in your pocket.


Here are a few of these areas:

  • Symptom Checker


  • RX Medicine

  • First Aid Information

  • Conditions

  • Local Health Listings

  • Tests & Procedures

  • Medical Terms

If you sign up for a free WebMD account, you can save lists of drugs, conditions, first-aid topics, and articles.