Using Do Not Disturb on the iPhone X - dummies

Using Do Not Disturb on the iPhone X

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

When the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on (from here in Settings or more conveniently from Control Center), the iPhone is respectful of your wishes to not be bothered by needless phone calls or alerts. The moon icon in Control Center itself reminds you that the feature is turned on.

You can schedule the time that the Do Not Disturb edict is in effect and customize it to allow calls from favorites, designated contacts, or designated groups. You can also turn on a Repeated Calls option that bypasses Do Not Disturb if the same caller rings you twice within three minutes. Another decision involves choosing whether to silence incoming calls and notifications whenever Do Not Disturb is enabled or only when the phone is locked.

For safety reasons, one of the times you ought not be disturbed (at least in most cases) is when you’re at the wheel of your car. As part of iOS 11, Apple added the aptly named and safety-first Do Not Disturb while Driving feature. When the iPhone detects a wireless hands-free Bluetooth connection to your car, it determines that you’re most likely in a vehicle. If the car lacks Bluetooth, the iPhone might use Wi-Fi and the accelerometer to reach the same conclusion.

When Do Not Disturb while Driving is enabled, phone calls will not come through, except under the Repeated Calls scenario just outlined. For that matter, you won’t see notifications on the Lock screen either, except in the case of timers and emergency alerts, or those instances when such incoming messages are marked urgent from a predefined set of contacts.

You can activate Do Not Disturb while Driving automatically or just when your handset is connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. Your other choice is to enable the feature manually in Control Center. That may be your best option because you could be riding in a car, a bus, or another vehicle as a passenger, not the driver. Smart as the iPhone is, it can’t determine that just yet.