How to Restrict Video and Other Usage on the iPhone X - dummies

How to Restrict Video and Other Usage on the iPhone X

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

If you’ve given an iPhone X to your kid or someone who works for you, you may not want that person spending time watching videos. You want him or her to do something more productive, such as homework or the quarterly budget.

That’s where parental restrictions come in. Please note that the use of this iron-fist tool can make you unpopular.

Tap Settings → General → Restrictions. Then tap Enable Restrictions. You’ll be asked to establish a passcode by entering it twice. Or enter a previously established passcode. Having done so, in the Allowed Content section, tap Movies, TV Shows, and any other content you want to restrict. Choose the Don’t Allow option for each, or choose a movie rating or a TV show rating (PG or whatever) or both that you feel comfortable having the youngsters watch.

If you made any specific app a no-no, when you return to the Home screen the icon for that app is missing in action and you can’t search for it. Same goes for other restricted activities. To restore privileges, go back to Restrictions and tap Disable Restrictions. You’ll have to reenter your passcode.

You can apply restrictions also to Safari, the Camera app, FaceTime, iTunes, Siri, Dictation, AirDrop, and more.