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What You Get When You Buy an iPhone X

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

The iPhone X comes in quite the elegant box when you buy it from Apple. Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

  • EarPods: Use them for music, videos, and, yes, phone calls. The EarPods for your iPhone X have a Lightning connector.
  • Lightning–to–USB cable: Use this handy cable to sync or charge your iPhone. You can plug the USB connector into your PC or Macintosh to sync or into the included USB power adapter.
  • Lightning–to–3.5 mm headphone jack adapter: An adapter that lets you use headphones sporting traditional 3.5 mm audio jacks with your iPhone X (which does not have a headphone port).
  • USB power adapter: Use this adapter to recharge your iPhone from a standard AC power outlet.
  • Some Apple logo decals: Of course.
  • A quick start guide: Not much to it. You see the names of the buttons; how to turn on the phone; and where to learn more and get support; you can learn more at apple.com/iphone and get help at www.apple.com/support/iphone.
  • iPhone info sheet: Here’s where you find safety warnings, legalese, warranty information, and regulatory and compliance gobbledygook, among other things.
  • SIM eject tool: Just kidding. Apple once put a SIM eject tool in the box but hasn’t in many years. No worries — just use a straightened paper clip or safety pin if you need to remove your SIM card.
  • iPhone X: You were starting to worry. Yes, the iPhone itself is also in the box.