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White Noise iPhone App Sounds Good!

By Bob LeVitus

White Noise is one of those apps that you’ll really appreciate when you need it. Its raison d’être is to provide background noise for you, something a lot of people want or need when they’re going to sleep or just in search of some relaxation.

At $1.99, White Noise offers 40 different sounds, all of which are high quality samples. That means they sound good (awesome, actually), which is important in that making noise is all this app is intended to do. For instance, you have the title track “White Noise,” as well as “Brown Noise,” “Pink Noise,” “Blue Noise,” and “Violet Noise,” each of which offers a different characteristic to the static sound you might get from a television channel or radio frequency without a broadcast.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “white noise,” ask your parents. In this age of cable TV and iPods, a lot of young people might never have encountered white noise from an empty channel!

White Noise offers more than just static noise, however; it also includes sounds from the Amazon, ocean and beach noises, crickets, a crackling and popping campfire, several different kinds of rain, a thunderstorm, running water, dripping showers, sprinkler sounds, city noises, a dishwasher, a hairdryer, blowing winds, oscillating fans, a wonderful grandfather clock ticking, beautiful chimes, an amazing Tibetan singing bowl, a heartbeat, frogs, a clothes dryer with a quarter bouncing around in it (who could sleep with that going on?!), a cat purring, and many more.

To navigate the sounds, you can either flick with a swipe of your finger, tap the arrow buttons at the top of the screen, as you can see in the image on the left, or see them in list form by tapping the Catalog button.

Each sound comes with an image for quick identification, but that image is static. Each sound also has a volume slider right there on the screen for making quick adjustments. That’s a small touch, but a handy one.

Other features include a timer for turning the sounds off at a specified time or in a specified amount of time, or starting an alarm. The settings also include the capability to have the app quit when the timer is reached, which is handy for battery life. You can also adjust the left-right balance and the overall pitch of the sound sample. There’s also an ugly digital clock overlay.

If you want to try the app, check out the free Lite (ad supported) version that is limited to ten sounds and doesn’t have the alarm or favorites toolbar.

If you’re a fan of storm noises, there’s a version called White Noise Storm for 99 cents that lets you customize your storm! The app offers slider controls for Rain (Distance and Intensity), Thunder (Distance and Frequency), Wind, and a Master slider for overall volume. Unlike the original app, this version also offers some visual effects that match the settings you’ve chosen, although they’re limited to just the top part of the screen.

Try the Random option for White Noise Storm for a storm with changing characteristics.