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Convertbot iPhone App Tops among Conversion Tools

By Bob LeVitus

Convertbot is a comprehensive, easy-to-use downloadable app for your iPhone or iPod touch; the mobile app features a beautiful and extremely customizable interface. You can have unit conversions of all kinds at your fingertips for just 99 cents.

Convertbot is the crème de la crème of unit converters because it

  • Has a beautiful and functional user interface.

  • Offers a massive number of unit categories and types.

  • Offers myriad options for customization.

Convertbot supports more than 440 different kinds of units in 19 separate categories. For example, it can convert between more than 100 different currencies (such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Aluminum ounces, as well as the currencies of most civilized nations), nearly 50 different measures of volume (such as bushel, dram, dry pint, and teaspoon), and 40 different measures of length (such as mil, nautical mile, smoot, and league).

Convertbot also handles hundreds of other unit types in 16 other categories that include mass, power, fuel, speed, area, data rate, and data size — some of which may be totally foreign to you. (Do you know what a gigapascal, becquerel, didot, kanejaku, or tsubo measure is? They measure pressure, radioactivity, typography, length, and area, respectively.)

You can disable categories you don’t need and enable the units you do need within each category. As you may expect, limiting the choices makes it much quicker and easier to find and use the categories and units you need.

Other niceties of Convertbot include the capability to update all currency values when you launch the app and have an Internet connection. There’s also an optional calculator in which you can specify up to 15 places in your calculations.

Convertbot is easy to use, looks great, lets you tailor its capabilities to your actual needs, and costs a lot less than a gallon of milk (which equals 3.785412 liters or 8 pints or 16 cups or 128 fluid ounces or. . .).