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How to Get a Mouse for Your Laptop

The best solution for using a mouse on a laptop is to get a real mouse. Now you can readily use a desktop computer mouse on your laptop instead of or along with the touch pad. Yes, it’s one more thing to carry. But because desktop computer mice are so familiar and people are used to them, it often makes sense for the laptop to have a “big computer” mouse. Then again, you can find smaller laptop mice, such as the wireless model.


The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 shown here is smaller and lighter than a desktop mouse, plus it has no tangly wires to mess with. Sadly, you cannot use the Laser Mouse 6000 to dispense with your enemies; the laser isn’t that powerful.

  • Beyond the Laser Mouse 6000 are other specialty laptop mice — some wired, some wireless, some with retractable cords.

  • Buy your laptop a nice wheel mouse, and you’ll never again moan about your laptop missing a wheel button.

  • There’s no need to disable the mouse pad when you use an external mouse. Consider the mouse pad a bonus! You might be able to disable it if you desire to do so.

  • Be careful when you install the software for your external mouse. Sometimes, doing so disables the software controlling the laptop’s touch pad. Follow the installation advice that comes with the external mouse.

  • Note that not all laptops come with a mouse port! If so, get a USB mouse and plug it into your laptop’s USB port.