What to Try First to Fix a Microsoft Windows Problem

Part of Upgrading & Fixing PCs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re in the habit of upgrading or fixing PCs, sooner or later you’ll encounter a problem with Windows. When you do, use the tips in the following list as your first line of defense:

  • Always install the “Critical” updates listed by Windows Update.

  • Use System Restore to repair problems caused by damaged settings or software; return to your prior settings if it doesn’t help.

  • Install a new driver to fix problem parts.

  • Invite a computer-literate friend to fix your computer using Remote Assistance.

  • Make daily backups using Windows Vista’s Backup and Restore Center or a more full-featured third-party software.

  • Turn on Windows Vista’s firewall.

  • Vacuum dust from your computer’s fan area and vents often to prevent overheating.