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Spyware: The Number One Reason Computers Slow Down

By Dan Gookin

If your computer is suddenly slow, you have a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If it has slowed down over the past few weeks or days, it fits in the suddenly slow category. Another way you can tell is if you find yourself saying “This stupid thing wasn’t this slow last week.” Luckily, it’s a problem you can fix.

The most likely reason your computer has slowed down over the past several weeks or days is spyware. Hands down, that’s the reason.

The solution is simple: Install antispyware software. Antispyware software is different than antivirus software, but they frequently come packaged together. If you have antivirus software, check to see if updating it will provide you with antispyware capability.

  • My preferred method of obtaining spyware solutions is to go to the software store and buy an antispyware package. That’s because some of the solutions you download from the Internet may not be legitimate antispyware solutions.

  • Spyware is classified as malware, or malicious software. It isn’t a virus, but it most likely arrived innocently from the Internet.

  • A modern computer runs many processes and services. Those things take time. Today’s software uses a lot of the hardware’s capability. That consumes time. You add more software to your computer. That takes even more time. Unless you buy the most expensive and powerful computer available — and buy a new computer every six months — things take longer over time.