Share a Printer on Your Network - dummies

Share a Printer on Your Network

By Andy Rathbone

Because many households or offices have several computers but only one printer, you need to share the printer on your network. To let everyone on the network print on that printer, share it by following these steps on the Vista computer connected to the printer:

1Click the Start menu, choose Network, and click the Network and Sharing Center button along the top.

The Network and Sharing Center window appears.

2Turn on Printer Sharing and click Apply.

Look in the Printer Sharing category and click the Off button to reveal the menu. When the menu drops down, choose Turn On Printer Sharing and click Apply to share that printer with the network.

Now, tell your other networked PC (or PCs) about your newly shared printer by following these steps:

3Click the Start menu, choose Control Panel, and select Printers from the Hardware and Sound category.

The Printers window lists icons for any installed printers.

4Click the Add a Printer button.

The Add Printer window appears.

5Choose Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer and click Next.

Your PC glances around the network for the other PCs’ shared printer. When it finds it, click its name and click Next to install it. If it doesn’t find it, move to Step 4.

6Choose The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed and then click Browse to go to the shared printer.

Clicking the Browse button fetches a list of your networked PCs. Double-click the PC with the attached printer, and Vista lists the printer’s name.

7Double-click the shared printer’s icon and click Next.

Vista finally connects to your networked printer. You may also need to install the printer’s software on your PC before it can print to the networked printer.