See What’s Inside a Folder in Windows Vista - dummies

See What’s Inside a Folder in Windows Vista

By Andy Rathbone

To see what’s inside a folder, either in the Computer folder or on Vista’s desktop, just double-click that folder’s picture. A new window pops up, showing what’s inside that folder. Spot another folder inside that folder? Double-click that one to see what’s inside. Keep clicking until you find what you want or reach a dead end.

Reached a dead end? If you mistakenly end up in the wrong folder, back your way out as if you’re browsing the Web. Click the Back arrow at the window’s top-left corner. That closes the wrong folder and shows you the folder you just left. If you keep clicking the Back arrow, you end up right where you started.

The Address Bar provides another quick way to jump to different places in your PC. As you move from folder to folder, the folder’s Address Bar — that little word-filled box at the folder’s top — constantly keeps track of your trek. For example, the following figure shows the Address Bar as you peruse a folder in your Music folder. Notice the little arrows between each word, like between Andy and Music?


Those little arrows provide quick shortcuts to other folders and windows. Try clicking any of the arrows; menus appear, listing the places you can jump to from that point. For example, click the arrow after Computer, shown in the following figure, to jump quickly to your CD drive.