See All Icons on the Quick Launch Bar - dummies

By Dan Gookin

Windows Vista and Windows XP feature a Quick Launch bar on the taskbar. (In Windows 7, the Quick Launch bar is replaced by the ability to pin icons to the taskbar.) Some programs give you the option to add their icons to the Quick Launch bar, yet other programs add their icons without letting you know. Eventually, you discover that the Quick Launch bar gets busy, full of icons.

When the icon squatting becomes a problem, a “show more” chevron appears on the Quick Launch bar to help indicate and display hidden icons.


You have two options for fixing the situation:

  • Remove icons from the Quick Launch bar. Right-click an icon and choose Delete from the pop-up menu.

    You’re merely deleting a shortcut, not the original program.

  • Resize the Quick Launch bar. Here’s how:

    1. Unlock the taskbar.

    2. Drag the handle to the right of the Quick Launch bar to the right.

      The handle on the right is the handle for the next toolbar over, usually the taskbar. By sliding the handle to the right, you make the Quick Launch bar longer, allowing more room for the icons.

      Slide the handle over until all the icons appear on the Quick Launch bar and the little chevron thing disappears. Move the handle over a wee bit more, just to be sure.

    3. Relock the taskbar.