Save Your Edited Movie or Slide Show - dummies

Save Your Edited Movie or Slide Show

By Andy Rathbone

When you’ve finished editing your clips, you’ll want to save your edited movie or slide show, and Windows Movie Maker can help. Click the Publish Movie button from Movie Maker’s toolbar. The program offers to save your work as a complete movie in any of several places:

  • This Computer: This option creates a small file suitable for playback on your PC.

  • DVD: Click here to open Vista’s DVD Maker program and burn your movie to DVD.

  • Recordable CD: This option creates a small file that fits onto a CD for playback on other PCs.

  • E-mail: It’s postage-stamp sized, but your edited movie can be e-mailed to friends.

  • Digital Video Camera: Designed for people without CDs or DVDs, this option lets you copy the edited movie back onto a blank tape in your digital camera. For large movies that won’t fit onto a DVD, this is your best backup option.

After you choose an option and click Next, Windows creates your movie, choosing the appropriate file size and quality for the destination you choose. Keep these things in mind when saving your finished movie:

  • Publishing movies and slide shows can take a long time. Windows needs to arrange all your clips, create the transitions and soundtracks, and compress everything into a single file.

  • Movies saved back onto your digital camcorder receive the best size and quality because the camcorder can record the huge file on tape.

  • Movies saved for e-mail and a Web site have the lowest quality; otherwise, they’d take too long for most people to download.

  • If your movies are short, Windows can save a high-quality copy to a CD for playback on other PCs. But most movies won’t fit onto a CD.