How to View Services Using the Windows Task Manager - dummies

How to View Services Using the Windows Task Manager

By Dan Gookin

The Task Manager window in Windows 7 and Windows Vista features a Services tab, something that the Task Manager in Windows XP lacks. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Windows XP lacks services; it means only that you need to look elsewhere to find them.

To view services running on your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Open the Administrative Tools window.

    • In Windows 7, choose System and Security and then choose Administrative Tools.

    • In Windows Vista, choose System and Maintenance and then choose Administrative tools.

    • In Windows XP, open the Administrative Tools icon.

  3. Open the Services icon.

  4. In Windows Vista, click the Continue button or type the administrator’s password to continue.


  5. Click a service to select it.

    A description of the highlighted service is displayed in the console window. Some services can also be started or stopped when they’re selected.

  6. Double-click a service to view detailed information in its Properties dialog box.

    The General tab in the service’s Properties dialog box has options for starting, stopping, and pausing the service. It also contains a Path to Executable entry, which references the process (program) that’s responsible for running the service.

  7. Close the service’s Properties dialog box.

  8. Close the Services window.

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you can quickly display the Services console by selecting the Services tab in the Task Manager window and then clicking the Services button.

  • In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you can right-click a service shown on the Task Manager’s Services tab and choose the Go to Process command to see which process is running that particular service.