How to Turn ClearType Off and On in Windows Vista - dummies

How to Turn ClearType Off and On in Windows Vista

By Woody Leonhard

If some of your fonts look a bit fuzzy or you have an older monitor, you might want to consider turning off ClearType for Windows Vista. Windows Vista enables ClearType by default because most Vista users have newer LCD flat-screen monitors. On the other hand, your fonts might be fuzzy because someone turned off your ClearType.

In either case, follow these steps to turn ClearType on or off, as needed.

If you turn off ClearType in Vista, you also turn it off in all of Office 2007.

  1. Right-click any blank part of the desktop and choose Personalize.


    The Vista Personalization dialog box appears.

  2. Click the link to Window Color and Appearance.

  3. At the bottom, click the link that says Open Classic Appearance Properties for More Color Options.


    You see the Appearance Settings dialog box.

  4. Click the Effects button.


    Vista brings up the Effects dialog box.

  5. Clear the check mark on the box marked Use the Following Method to Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts to turn off ClearType fonts.

    Alternatively, to turn ClearType on, select the check box and select ClearType from the drop-down list.

  6. Click OK twice and then “X” out of the Window Color and Appearance dialog box.

    You may not immediately notice the effect on your desktop icons, but Vista applications stop using ClearType the next time they’re started. If you still don’t see a change, reboot your computer to make the effect system-wide.