How to Resize an Application Window in Windows Vista - dummies

How to Resize an Application Window in Windows Vista

By Nancy C. Muir

The beauty of Windows is, well, the windows. When you want to display the content of more than one window at a time in Windows Vista, you simply need to resize — make bigger or smaller — the windows that you want to display. Managing your windows in Windows Vista may seem just as difficult as washing your physical ones each spring, but, actually, making your application windows bigger or smaller takes just a couple of clicks of the mouse and allows you to move them side by side or above and below each other so that you can see the content of each window.

1Click the Restore Down button.

The Restore Down button shows two overlapping windows in the top-right corner of the program window.

2Click the Maximize button.

Maximizing enlarges a window that has been restored down to again fill the screen. The maximize button is in the same location as the Restore Down button; this button toggles to either Maximize or Restore Down, depending on whether you have the screen reduced in size or maximized. A ScreenTip identifies the button when you pass your mouse over it.