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How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Mozilla Firefox

By Woody Leonhard

Removing unwanted toolbars in Firefox is much simpler than removing them from Internet Explorer. Perhaps scummy programmers aren’t as interested in subverting Firefox, or perhaps the Firefox design doesn’t accommodate scum so readily, but whatever the reason, there are usually few problems with rogue toolbars in Firefox.

Removing less-than-senseless toolbars from Firefox is so easy, in fact, that they can usually be removed right from the toolbar. Just right-click any empty space on a toolbar and uncheck the line next to the unwanted toolbar. For example, if you install Yahoo! Messenger and suddenly discover that Firefox has sprouted a Yahoo! toolbar, you just right-click an empty spot and remove the check mark next to the line that says Yahoo! Toolbar. That’s all it takes. When you restart Firefox, the toolbar doesn’t come back.

If you encounter a really obnoxious toolbar in Firefox, or if you want to get rid of all vestiges of a scummy install (say, the Yahoo! menu entry that gets planted with a Yahoo! Messenger installation), you can haul out the big guns.

  1. Start Firefox and choose Tools→Add-Ons.

    Firefox responds with a list of add-ons.


  2. Select the cantankerous add-on. Click the Disable button, “X” out of the Add-Ons dialog box, and restart Firefox.

    Poof. It’s gone.

Firefox is really that simple.