How to Move the Windows Vista Search Index to a Faster Drive - dummies

How to Move the Windows Vista Search Index to a Faster Drive

By Woody Leonhard

Because the heart of the Windows Vista search engine is the index, it really pays off to keep the index on the fastest drive you have. So, if you get a newer, faster drive, you should move your search index to make the most of the drive’s capabilities.

Truth be told, you don’t actually move the index; you delete the old index and then re-index in another location. Although the takes time in the beginning, it can save you search time down the road.

  1. Wait until you don’t need your computer for a long, long time.

  2. Choose Start→Control Panel. Click the System and Maintenance link. Then click the Indexing Options link.


    Vista shows you the Indexing Options dialog box.

  3. Click the Advanced button.


    Click through a User Account Control dialog box. Vista brings up the Index Settings tab on the Advanced Options dialog box.

  4. To delete the current index file and rebuild it in a new location, click the Select New button.

    This button works like a Browse button.

  5. Choose where you want to stick the new index and click OK.

  6. Go out to a very long lunch.

    By the time you get back, your system might be re-indexed.