How to Make Windows XP Programs Run Faster - dummies

How to Make Windows XP Programs Run Faster

By Allen Wyatt

Part of Cleaning Windows XP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cleaning up a PC that runs Windows XP can make all your programs run faster, jump higher, and throw farther (okay, maybe only run faster). If your machine is acting sluggish, try the tips in the following table to get it back up to speed:

What to Do Why Do It?
Increase your RAM Windows works best when you have plenty of RAM.
Transfer your pagefile to a faster hard drive The pagefile is used by Windows to store virtual memory when
you don’t have enough physical RAM. Moving it to a faster
drive means Windows can access the data within it faster.
Don’t access data over a network Grabbing data from a network is inherently slower than grabbing
it from your local hard drive. If possible, transfer the data to
your local hard drive and access it from there.
Place frequently accessed data on a faster hard drive If you have multiple hard drives on your local system, place
your data on the one that has the fastest rotational speed.
Defragment your hard drive Fragmentation slows down programs, data access, and Windows