How to Listen to Internet Radio on Windows Media Player - dummies

How to Listen to Internet Radio on Windows Media Player

By Andy Rathbone

You may have noticed that Windows Media Player no longer contains an option to access Internet radio stations in the Windows Vista version, but don’t let that slow you down. You can still play your favorite Internet radio stations using Windows Media Player. You just have to work a little harder.

Most likely, the reason the Internet radio station feature went away is that Microsoft set up agreements with online stores like URGE to give you the opportunity to buy listening rights. That being said, there is still a way to listen to free stations. You just have to access the station first to get there.

  1. Search for the words Internet Radio Station at any search engine to see what turns up.

  2. Select one of the search results or go to your favorite station’s Web site.

  3. Check the fine print to see what format the station broadcasts in.

    You need to find a station broadcasting in MP3 or Windows Media Audio (WMA) format.

  4. Once you find a station that’s broadcasting in the right format, click the Web site’s Tune In or Listen Now button.

    The Windows Media Player will load with the radio station playing.