How to Free Up Hard Drive Space when Cleaning Windows XP

By Allen Wyatt

Part of Cleaning Windows XP For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Cleaning a computer running Windows XP is often a matter of getting rid of files you don’t access any more — heck, you may not even know they exist! To free up some space on your hard drive, use the tips in the following table:

What to Do How to Do It
Empty the Recycle bin Right-click the Recycle bin and choose Empty Recycle Bin.
Empty your Deleted Items and Junk Email folders In your e-mail client, choose the folder and choose
File→Empty Folder. In some clients you can right-click the
folder and choose Empty Folder.
Clear the temporary Internet files cache In Internet Explorer, choose Tools→Internet
Options→General tab→Delete Files.
Delete files ending in the extension .tmp Use the Windows Search function (Start→Search) to locate
and delete the files.
Delete or archive files ending in the extension .bak or
Use the Windows Search function (Start→Search) to locate
the files.