How to End a Program that is Not Responding - dummies

How to End a Program that is Not Responding

By Dan Gookin

Several terms are used to describe the act of a program biting the dust: crash, hang, die, stuck and frozen. Task Manager uses Not Responding. Seeing the Not Responding text in the Status column is a surefire bet that the program has achieved an unrecoverable state of existence.


You can dispense with the problem as follows:

  1. Summon the Task Manager window (if necessary).

  2. Click to select the program that isn’t responding.

  3. Click the End Task switch.

  4. If necessary, click the End Now button if another dialog box appears.

  5. Close the Task Manager window.

Sometimes, Windows itself may detect and halt whacked-out programs for you. When that happens, you see a disappointing dialog box.


After killing the program, you may be allowed to send an error report back to Microsoft. Whether you do is up to you; sending the report doesn’t fix the program, nor does it guarantee that anyone will ever look at the report.