How to Connect Two Windows Vista Computers with a Crossover Cable

By Andy Rathbone

Buying that second PC brings you yet another computing problem: How can two PCs share the same Internet connection and printer? And how do you move your old files to your new PC? The easiest solution is to connect the two Windows Vista computers using a crossover cable.

By connecting two or more computers with a crossover (or crossed) cable, Windows Vista creates a quick network, which it uses to introduce the computers to each other, and lets them swap information, share an Internet connection, and print with the same printer. Using a crossover cable allows the two computers to enjoy all the benefits of a full-fledged network without the typical hassles of creating one.

You don’t need expensive equipment, just a single cable called a crossover cable, which is a special breed of Ethernet cable. Be sure to emphasize crossover or crossed cable when shopping at the computer store; a regular Ethernet cable won’t work. Connect the crossed cable between the two computers’ network adapters, and Vista does all the work for you.