How to Change the User Account Control Beep - dummies

How to Change the User Account Control Beep

By Dan Gookin

Windows 7 and Windows Vista ask if you want to Allow or Cancel almost every attempt to do something in Windows. It is called User Account Control (UAC) and is Microsoft’s attempt to ratchet up security. But the beep sound that it makes is considered annoying by some.


The noise that a UAC makes is called the Windows User Account Control, and the file that makes the sound is named Windows User Account Control.wav. To change the sound, you modify the Windows Registry. It’s technical. Proceed with caution:

  1. Locate or create a new sound file to use for the UAC beep.

    For example, a file like burp.wav is ideal. Save this file in the Music folder for your account.

  2. Open the Control Panel.

  3. Choose Hardware and Sound and then choose Change System Sounds, found beneath the Sound heading.

    The Sound dialog box appears, with the Sounds tab forward.

  4. Select the Windows User Account Control item from the scrolling list.

  5. Click the Browse button.

  6. Use the Browse dialog box to locate the sound you created or saved in Step 1.

    For example, browse to your account’s Music folder.

  7. Select the sound you want to use to replace the UAC warning sound.

  8. Click the Open button.

    Back in the Sound dialog box, the sound you chose is now assigned as the UAC “beep.”

  9. Click the Test button to confirm your sound selection.

    The sound should play and satisfy your sense of appropriateness to the UAC.

  10. Click OK to dismiss the Sound dialog box, and close the Control Panel window.

The new sound file replaces the old one. Now whenever a UAC warning appears, your special sound, not the traditional sound, plays.