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How to Bookmark a Windows Vista Help and Support Center Article

By Woody Leonhard

Vista’s Help and Support Center ties directly into the Microsoft Windows Help Web site. If you know the trick, you can bookmark a specific Windows Vista Help and Support Center article. Once you’ve opened the Web page, you can also save the URL address, print the article, or bring up multiple articles at the same time — everything that you can do with Firefox (or Internet Explorer) can be done with Help articles.

  1. Find the Help article that you want to reference.

    In this example, we’ll start with the Which CD or DVD Format Should I Use article.

  2. Right-click in the body of the article and choose View Source.


    A Notepad window will open containing the actual HTML source code behind the help article. You should see a mass of gobbledygook like that shown here.

  3. Look for the article’s 36-character ID number.

    It’s immediately after text that looks like this: mshelp://windows/?id=.

  4. Select that text and press Ctrl+C to copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

    In this case, select 2af64e60-60aa-4d79-ab6c-3a5db5806cbe1033 and copy it to the Clipboard.

  5. Start your favorite Web browser and go to the site followed by that 36-digit ID number and then .mspx.

    So for this article, type

  6. The Help and Support Center article will open in your browser.


    Because Microsoft uses nonstandard formatting on its Web page, you’ll notice that there are some formatting differences between the Help and Support Center article and the Web page.

    There could even be more formatting variations depending on which browser you use. Regardless of appearances, the content’s identical.

  7. From that point, you can use the Web site any way you would use a “normal” Web site. For example, you can

    • Bookmark the site/Help article.

    • Open a new tab with the site/Help article.

    • Copy the address and put it in an e-mail message.

      E-mailing a Web address is particularly useful because it’s very hard to tell another Vista user how to get to a specific Help article.

    • Drag a shortcut to the site/Help article onto your desktop.