How to Add a Tag to a Photo in Windows Vista - dummies

How to Add a Tag to a Photo in Windows Vista

By Nancy C. Muir

If you’re an avid digital photographer, you know how quickly the number of photos in your library can grow. A great way to organize them is to assign a tag to each photo in Windows Vista. The tags can identify when and where the pictures were taken or give them unique titles. You can then use these tags to create slide shows.

  1. Open the Windows Photo Gallery and click the Create a New Tag item in the Navigation pane.

  2. Type a tag name and then click anywhere outside it.

    You can continue this process until you’ve created all the tags you think you need. They can be as broad or as precise as you wish, such as Landscapes, Summer Vacation 2008, Trees, and so on.

  3. Click an image file to select it and click the Info button.


    All tags associated with the photo appear to the right of the gallery window.

  4. Click Add Tags and type a tag name. Press Enter to add the tag.


    As soon as you begin to type in the Add Tags text box, a drop-down list appears. You can just select the correct tag from the list. If the tag you want isn’t listed, you can create a new tab just by typing it in here. Once you’ve tagged the photo, that tag will appear in the info pane whenever that image is displayed.

You can give a photo as many tags as you like. For example, an image of a castle that you shot on your recent trip to Transylvania could have all of the following tags: Castles, Architecture, Transylvania, Fall Vacation 2008, and Vampires.

To delete a tag, right-click the tag in the Navigation pane and choose Delete. To rename a tag, right-click it and choose Rename.

You can use these tags to organize your photos. For example, to see all photos associated with a certain tag, click the tag in the Tags list in the Navigation pane. To see a list of all photos in the Photo Gallery organized by tags, click the Tags item in Navigation pane. Categories appear in the Photo Gallery window with a note of the total items with that associated tag.