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Get a Web-Based E-Mail Account

Having a Web-based e-mail account allows you to access your e-mail from any Internet-connected computer. Getting a Web-based e-mail account is easy; many of these accounts are free.

Some people even use their Web-based e-mail accounts as their main accounts and keep their main accounts secret or reserved for private e-mail. That way, the main account remains relatively spam-free. And, when the public Web-based e-mail account becomes overwhelmed with spam, it can be discarded and a new free Web-based e-mail service used. Follow these tips to get a Web-based e-mail account:

  • You can access Web-based e-mail from any computer that has Internet access. You have nothing further to set up.

  • Unlike e-mail software you must run on your computer, Web-based e-mail stays on the Web until you delete it. That way, you can keep messages in your Web e-mail inbox and have them still waiting there when you return home and use your desktop computer.

  • Web-based e-mail is available from the following providers. This is by no means a complete list:

  • Most of those free, Web-based e-mail accounts have a size limit. You have to occasionally delete your old e-mail to keep the account from filling up.