Find Stuff on the Internet - dummies

Find Stuff on the Internet

By Andy Rathbone

Because the Web is so vast, you need to identify ways to find things on the Internet. A search engine is your best tool to find what you need on the Internet.

Type a few words into Internet Explorer’s Search box about what you’re seeking — exotic orchids, for example — and press Enter. Internet Explorer fires your search off to Windows Live, Microsoft’s own Search engine. You can change that search engine to Google or any other search engine you like.

In fact, you can add a variety of search engines, for example, routing most of your searches to Google, but sending searches for books and CDs to Amazon. Follow these steps to customize Internet Explorer’s Search box to your liking:

1Click the downward-pointing arrow on the Search box’s right edge.

A drop-down menu appears.

2Choose Find More Providers.

Internet Explorer visits Microsoft’s Web site and lists a few dozen popular search engines.

3Click your favorite Search engine and choose Add Provider from the pop-up window.

When the window pops up, asking whether you want to add that Search Engine, click Add Provider.

If you want your searches to all go to one search engine — Google, for example — also click the Make This My Default Search Provider box. That tells Internet Explorer to automatically send all your searches to that provider.

4Feel free to add any other search engines you like, as well.

Choose other search engines you’d like to add. They’ll all appear on the Search box’s drop-down menu, as seen here.