Create a Folder in Windows Vista - dummies

Create a Folder in Windows Vista

You can create as many folders in Windows Vista as you want. Create new folders in Windows Vista to organize your files, or you can also create a folder just to keep certain files separate from others.

1Open the parent folder.

Folders must be created on media and in a folder, even if it’s the root folder of the media. Therefore, the first step you need to do is to open a folder window in which you’ll create your new folder.

2Click the Organize button on the toolbar.

A drop-down list appears.

3Choose New Folder from the menu.

The new folder appears as an icon in the window. Its name is New Folder, but note that the name is selected. It means that you can type a new folder name immediately.

4Type a short, descriptive name for the folder.

You can name your folders anything, even Stuff or Junk into which you can put things that don’t have any better place to go. Don’t fret over the name; you can always rename a folder later.

5Press Enter to lock in the name.

The new folder is ready to use.