Cancel a Print Job - dummies

By Andy Rathbone

In some cases, you need to cancel a print job. Use your printer’s print queue to cancel your print job.

If you send a document to your printer in error, double-click your Printer’s icon (which sometimes sits near the taskbar’s clock) to reveal the print queue, shown in the following figure. Right-click your mistaken document and choose Cancel to end the job.

Use the print queue to cancel a print job.
Use the print queue to cancel a print job.

Follow these additional tips:    

  • If you can’t find your printer’s icon, try opening the Control Panel from the Start menu and choosing the Printers icon.

  • The print queue, also known as the print spooler, lists every document waiting patiently to reach your printer. Feel free to change their printing order by dragging and dropping them up or down the list.

  • If your printer runs out of paper during a job and stubbornly halts, add more paper. Then to start things flowing again, open the print queue, right-click your document, and choose Restart. (Some printers let you push their Online button to begin printing again.)

  • You can send items to the printer even when you’re working in the coffee shop with your laptop. When you connect the laptop to your office printer, the print queue notices and begins sending your files. (Beware: When they’re in the print queue, documents are formatted for your specific printer model. If you subsequently connect your laptop to a different printer model, the print queue’s waiting documents won’t print correctly.)