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Your Window 8 Tablet’s Desktop’s Hidden Power Menu

By Andy Rathbone

You can’t summon this menu with your fingers on your Windows 8 tablet. But when you plug in a mouse or trackpad and right-click in the secret spot, you’ll wonder why this menu wasn’t in every version of Windows.

Right-click in any screen’s bottommost left corner, and the menu appears. Tablet owners will find these options the most useful:


  • Programs and Features: Click this to see the Control Panel’s Programs and Features window, which lists all your installed desktop programs. From that window, click an unwanted program and click the Uninstall button to remove it.

  • Mobility Center: This desktop program offers quick access to frequently accessed features for laptops and tablets.

  • Power Options: This takes you to the Control Panel’s Power Options window. There, you can choose between the existing battery saving plans or customize your own plan.

  • System: This takes you straight to your Control Panel’s System page, where you can see your tablet’s Windows version, amount of memory, and CPU type. You’ll also need to visit here to add the Windows Media Center program. (To do that, choose the link called Get More Features with a New Edition of Windows.)

  • Task Manager: This shows a list of your computer’s currently running programs. There, you can shut down misbehaving ones by clicking their names and clicking the End Task button.

  • Control Panel: This mammoth panel of switches lets you fine-tune how your tablet behaves.

  • File Explorer: This program lets you manage your tablet’s files and storage areas.

  • Desktop: Choose this to jump to the desktop.