Windows 8 Windows-Key Shortcuts - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

Part of PCs All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through Windows 8 using the Windows logo key. You’ll find the keyboard an efficient alternative to your mouse.

Key or Key Combo What It Does
Win Cycles between the Start screen and the last used
Win+C Displays the Charms bar
Win+D Displays the Desktop
Win+E Opens a File Explorer window called Computer
Win+F Opens the File Search pane
Win+Ctrl+F Displays the Search window for networked computers
Win+H Displays the Share charm
Win+I Displays the Settings charm
Win+K Displays the Devices charm
Win+L Displays the Lock screen
Win+M Minimizes all open windows
Win+Shift+M Restores all windows minimized with Win+M
Win+Q Opens the Apps Search pane
Win+R Opens the Run dialog box
Win+T Cycles through taskbar programs
Win+U Displays the Ease of Access Center
Win+W Opens the Settings Search pane
Win+F1 Displays Windows Help
Win+Up Arrow Maximizes the current Desktop window
Win+Down Arrow Minimizes/restores the current Desktop window
Win+Left Arrow Tiles the window on the left side of the screen
Win+Right Arrow Tiles the window on the right side of the screen
Win+Print Screen Takes a screen capture and saves it to the Pictures folder
Win+Tab Cycles through open Metro apps
Win+Break Displays the System Properties dialog box