Windows 8 User Accounts - dummies

Windows 8 User Accounts

By Andy Rathbone

Windows 8 allows several people to work on the same computer, yet it keeps everybody’s work separate. To do that, it needs to know who’s currently sitting in front of the keyboard. When you sign in — introduce yourself — by clicking your username, Windows 8 presents your personalized Start screen, ready for you to make your own personalized mess.

When you’re through working or just feel like taking a break, sign out so that somebody else can use the computer. Later, when you sign back in, your own files will be waiting for you.

Although you may turn your work area into a mess, it’s your own mess. When you return to the computer, your letters will be just as you saved them. Jerry hasn’t accidentally deleted your files or folders while playing Angry Birds. Tina’s Start screen still contains links to her favorite quilting websites. And nobody will be able to read your e-mail.

Until you customize your username picture, you’ll be a silhouette, like the Guest account shown. To add a photo to your user account, click your username in the screen’s corner and choose Change Account Picture. Click the Webcam button to take a quick shot with your computer’s built-in webcam. No webcam? Then choose Browse to peek through existing photos.

Hint: Click the word Files and choose Pictures to see all the photos on your PC.


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