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Windows 8: Set Up a Home Page in Internet Explorer 10

By Andy Rathbone

When you open the Windows 8 desktop web browser (called Internet Explorer 10), you immediately see your home page — which is any website you want. A home page for foodies could be a cooking or restaurant-review site; bloggers can open directly to his or her own blog . . . you get the idea.

Set up your home page in IE 10 by following these steps:

  1. Visit your favorite website.

    Choose any web page you like. If you choose Google News, for example, Internet Explorer always opens with the latest headlines.

  2. Right-click the Home Page icon and choose Add or Change Home Page.

    The new, security-conscious Internet Explorer asks whether you’d like to use that web page as your only home page or add it to your home page tabs. (You can have several home pages, each with its own tab along the page’s top.)

  3. Click Use This Webpage As Your Only Home Page and click Yes.

    When you click Yes, Internet Explorer always opens to the page you’re currently viewing.

    Clicking No sticks with your current home page. Coincidentally, Microsoft initially assigns everybody’s home page to be the advertisement-stuffed Microsoft Network.


After Internet Explorer remembers your chosen home page, you can move around the Internet, searching for topics in Bing, Google, or other search engines, simply pointing and clicking different links.

  • Just as your browser’s home page is the site you see when your browser opens, a website’s home page is its “cover,” like the cover of a magazine. Whenever you navigate to a website, you usually start at the site’s home page and begin browsing from there.

  • If your browser’s home page is suddenly changed to a different site and these instructions don’t fix it, then it’s probably been hijacked by evil forces.

  • Internet Explorer lets you choose several pages as home pages, simultaneously loading each one and placing a tab atop each page for switching between them. To add home pages to your collection, choose Add This Webpage to Your Home Page Tabs in Step 3 of the preceding list.

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