Windows 8 Security/Permission Messages - dummies

Windows 8 Security/Permission Messages

By Andy Rathbone

The Windows solution? When Windows 8 notices anybody (or anything) trying to change something that can potentially harm Windows or your PC, it darkens the screen and flashes a security message asking for permission.


If one of these security messages appears out of the blue, Windows 8 may be warning you about a bit of nastiness trying to sneak in. So click No or Don’t Install to deny it permission. But if you’re trying to do something specific with your PC and Windows 8 puts up its boxing gloves, click Yes or Install, instead. Windows 8 drops its guard and lets you in.

If you don’t hold an Administrator account, however, you can’t simply approve the deed. You must track down an Administrator account holder and ask her to type her password.

Yes, a rather dimwitted security robot guards the front door to Windows 8, but it’s also an extra challenge for the people who write the viruses.

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